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Midtown Real Estate, Condos And Lofts – And The Lifestyle You Can Expect

Midtown real estate can be found just to the north of the city centre of Atlanta, lying in an exquisitely classy and vibrant area of Atlanta. Midtown is ideally placed just north of the thriving and highly affluent commercial district, and has as its neighbours on either side two other very affluent and exciting districts, Ansley Park and Buckhead. Its location is ideal since it nestles at the very heart of the most sought after districts, and has a very great deal to offer those looking to purchase Midtown real estate, condos or lofts.

Of course, the main road through Midtown is the famous Peachtree street, which is lined with sought after high rise condos, luxury hotels and a thriving commercial influence with some of the most executive offices available here. The city of Atlanta grew up around this street, and as a result, there is much history associated with it. This is instantly recognizable, with a significant number of Victorian properties still available, nestled amongst the modern, stylish Midtown condos.

The architecture, design and look of the Midtown district draws people in as a direct result of its clear longevity and historical culture. That is not to say that it is not very much up to date with life in the 21st century. Indeed, at night the Midtown district is very much in the style of the New York chic, with a large number of high class clubs, although for those not quite so much into the high life, there is a good selection of quieter bars available across the area, providing a good deal of choice. As a sign that the district has a classy reputation, you’ll often find red carpets rolling out across the sidewalk into one of the clubs or theatres in the area. Theatres also form a large part of the culture available in the Midtown area, and in fact the premiere for ‘Gone With The Wind’ took place at a theatre on Peachtree Road in the Midtown area.

Almost certainly, without question, the heart of the Midtown district is its own ‘central park’ – Piedmont Park, which is a 189 acre area of green lawns, parks, lakes, tennis courts and many sports facilities. The famous Atlanta Botanical Gardens are situated here which are a hugely popular attraction for both locals and visitors alike. To live in Midtown is to live on the edge of the park, and it is here that the real life of Midtown takes place.

Popular as a place to walk dogs, meet up, socialise, admire the magnificent skyline of Midtown, which rivals that of anywhere, with impressive high rise buildings, hotels and offices – even the regional headquarters of IBM stands loftily overlooking the grassy heart of the town. To have such a central location that has a wonderful feeling of community is probably the biggest reason why people in Midtown feel such a greater sense of community spirit and belonging than many other locations in the area.

As far as transportation within the Midtown district is concerned, it is serviced by the very regular and efficient underground rail system of Atlanta, MARTA, and for those who work or study at the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech as it is known, there is a free shuttle between the Tech and the MARTA station, called the ‘Tech Trolley’!

Midtown real estate prices are strong, and prices are rising steadily as the district is extremely popular and sought after, and with such a long history, many properties are already occupying the available space. Although not crowded, available building space is limited, and this is helping to keep property prices strong. For investors or those simply looking for a secure footing, Midtown represents a very strong and reliable source of financial security. Available property varies tremendously, but the vast bulk of property is of a very high class nature, with good use of space, and plenty of garden space, since summer grilling is a must for any Midtown family!

There is probably a greater selection of Midtown condos and lofts in the area than almost anywhere else, and since land space is limited, these have been built to exceptional levels of quality. Many enjoy grand views across Piedmont Park, and have a feel of both luxury and space to them. There are a large number of high rise condos available along the Peachtree Street area, which nestle amongst some of the most luxurious hotels, and most sought after office spaces in Atlanta, and provide exceptionally good access to the commercial districts of the area.

With the recent opening of the Seventeenth Street Bridge, Midtown has enjoyed easy access to the west side of the city, meaning that shopping and access for work is very much easier now than it used to be. This is just another sign of Midtown’s commitment to remain a strong, attractive and vibrant part of the city, with a huge feeling of community and luxury.

Whether you are a family, a student or a successful business person, Midtown is a district which has so much to offer as far as substantial homes, condos and lofts are concerned, within a green and pleasant community environment, and with tremendous ease of access and transportation. Property prices are high, but the strength of these prices is assured for the long term. Without doubt, Midtown real estate is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking for a classy home within an exciting neighbourhood.

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