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Long-Term Success Is Yours For Life Part 4 of 4

In the first three parts of this four part series, I discussed the one blog I read that affected my way of thinking about success and about life. The ideas I took from the simple message has made a difference in how I work at my business.

If you think of it, the key to success is fairly simple if you just apply it. As we’ve discussed, you need to become an active participant in your life to go after what you want so you can create a balanced life. We can’t turn back time, so seize the day.. If you are not getting business, ask yourself why and then brainstorm and create different items you can do to make some business appear. An idle duck is a lame one.

The third idea that builds upon those previous concepts is the strategy of shooting for the moon and not just the stars! Create some big massive goal and throw yourself at it until you make it happen. The bigger the goals, the better for you since it makes you expand your thinking so that you end up surprising yourself by accomplishing more than if you had started small. If you love yourself and your loved ones, then you will take the required actions to produce results.

Occasionally, when life throws a curve ball, we may get into thinking no one will notice if we slip out the back door……just the same way that you may have thought about abandoning halfway while reading this series. We choose to do so because it may be an easier path-it is considered more as the path of least pain….but sometimes we have to face the imaginary monster that is hiding in the closet. We must face reality and take obstacles head on. Ignoring them won’t make them go away. Don’t be an ostrich who thinks that not looking at the issue will make things better. So there you have the final success principle of success-that of persistence. You need to persist until you succeed and not let yourself give up before you reach success. If you quit early, you will never know how things could have turned out and you will look back on your life with the regret that you let other seemingly insignificant things stop you from moving forward.

When you come across instances and events that test your will and your ability to continue on, you show your greatest strength in hanging in there and pulling through. Times have changed, my friends. The business is still there. It is gloom but not doom. We need to get out of our comfort zone. Only then will we know who we are. You may not realize it, but there is a hero in each one of us. The spotlight is on you, so come step into it!

Didn’t think you’d make it to the end of this series so soon, did you Give me a hi-5, a low-5, a side-5, a back-5……yeaaahh!!! If you’ve made it this far, congrats and I do hope you’ve got the message. I’ve laid out as best as I could the ideas that have greatly influenced me and they may have a similar affect on you. At least I have achieved my purpose here with this article…to revive that spark inside of you that yearns to achieve success. Whether you’re a Rookie or a Veteran, it is time to get into the game. So let the games begin!

The map to the treasure chest. There is a hidden intention of mine as to why I kept this article stretched out in a four part series. It is a test of persistence more than patience. You persisted through reading all 4 parts of this series. In the same way, you will need to be persistent in pursuing your leads and your goals. There needs to be a strategy that you are clear on that guides you. Without persistence and clarity of where you are going, if you sit around patiently waiting for leads, in the case of real estate specifically-the buyers and sellers, you will have no business. Here is my closing remark.

To Those Who Take Action, Goes The Rewards.

Take care and I wish you all the best! Life is beautiful….go and chase after your dream and turn it into reality! With so much information that I have to share with you, I am sure we will meet again…..

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