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Long-Term Success Is Yours For Life Part 3 of 4

You’ve gone through much in this series, I’ve explained to you the one blog I came across that had such a profound impact on my life. The blog was very simple indeed, mainly black text on a white background. There was nothing present in it that distinguished it from the millions of blog entries out there. However, after reading the blog, it had an incredible transformation in my life. In applying the lessons, I began to notice that my life was gradually becoming more the way I wanted it to be.

Enough of the chit chat, we’re going to jump into the second idea of success, which is to take action and be a starter to achieve success. George stated that business is out in the field, not in the office. How true that is. Let me use a sports analogy to illustrate this. We’ll look at a Rookie who just joined the NBA. Most new NBA drafts start off the season as a bench warmer. The key to success, though, is to become a starter (this applies to our business as well…a starter). Only with that will we ever learn the ropes of the game and move up to the level of stardom. To key is to keep moving and to keep striving for the focused end result.

A Rookie in Action. His name is Jamario Moon. He is a 1st year player for the Toronto Raptors so that makes him a rookie for the 2007-2008 season. An old rookie, for that matter, as he is 27 years old, in a sport where players usually start out in their teens. He started out the season as a bench warmer…not doing much. He strongly felt in his mind that he was a player who could offer great contributions to his team, so he practiced diligently each day.

It was just after a few games that he got called onto the courts during a game. And guess what He performed. The next several games, he did the same thing. Pretty soon, he had secured for himself a starter position on the team. Yes, a STARTER. The fact that he become a started is a large accomplishment for the rookie, considering that there are only 5 players out of the team of 12 who can take on that role. Failure was not an option for him and he wouldn’t accept it. There were rookies 10 years younger than him. He had a focus and an undying determination and belief that he would make it. This could not have happened if he had not practiced, practiced, and practiced. He practiced to reach a purpose and a goal.

The Moral of the Rookie story and George’s message. To tie in with the message from George, the moral of the Rookie story is that you should not sit and wait for things to happen. Hoping for business to come is not a sure way to achieve success. Some may have found success doing that, but it does not apply to the majority. order 22For pete’s sake, get out there and do something!. If you aren’t, then no one else will get you where you want to go. You must practice, practice, practice. You must practice to reach a purpose and goal.

Practice doing something daily and work on your business plan. You have to have that burning passion to keep moving forward. Just make sure you dedicate a fair share of time daily to work on your business that will generate you money. As George puts it, simply [do] the things day in and day out that give [you] the best chance of generating business. Whatever actions you’re taking that are producing some results, continue doing them. Whatever doesn’t yield results, eliminate them. Let me reiterate that. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. If it is broken, go fix it.

To achieve what you want, the change must occur inside your head before you can be properly motivated to act. If you want something badly enough, you will change your actions and focus only on making steady progress each day that gets you closer to the destination. You’ve come a long way in this article series. In the last part, you will discover the factors that will help you to achieve massive success over the long term.

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